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The Green, Stretton

The Green: Stretton

Improvements to an underused open space in the centre of Stretton, on behalf of the Parish Council.

Stretton has a long history at least as far back as Roman times when Ryknild Street was built, giving the meaning to the place name as ‘a settlement on a Roman Road’.

In Anglo Saxon times Stretton was part of the lands of the Mercian Nobleman Wulfric Spot, who also granted land to the Burton Abbey.

The railway was built in the Victorian era and it encouraged further growth in Stretton.

In recent times, Stretton has become a commuter settlement for Burton and Derby, and it is a popular place to live with good access to the modern A38 Trunk Road.

Ashmead Price has created a series of demonstration gardens on an existing pocket park in Stretton Parish near Burton on Trent. The gardens are themed on the historical development of the settlement at Stretton, and include a Roman garden, Priory garden, Railway garden and Suburban garden. The Parish have involved the community in the design and have also commissioned a feature sculpture as a focal point in the open space.

Date completed 2016


The Green Stretton Demonstration Gardens Plan

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