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Lightwoods Park    Lightwoods Park

Lightwoods Park HLF Bid

Lightwoods House and Park are amongst the oldest man-made features in Bearwood and predate the time when Bearwood transformed from a small hamlet into a town. Lightwoods House is unique to the area in that it still stands within its own substantial grounds.

The original layout and features arising from both the age when the estate was a private residence and from its transformation to a public park are still present and retains many of its original features:

  • much of the original footpath network
  • the remains of the tennis courts
  • the Shakespeare garden
  • the bandstand
  • donated drinking water fountains

Many trees pre dating the 19th century are the remains of former field boundary hedges, the last remnants of old field patterns.

The Lightwoods park project has been granted £3.6m from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver the restoration of the House and parkland, based on the Conservation Management plan completed by Ashmead Price in 2012

Heritage Lottery Fund 2012



Lightwoods Park    Lightwoods Park

Lightwoods Park    Lightwoods Park

Lightwoods Park    Lightwoods Park

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